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Principal’s Message

Ms. Rama Sharma


When you know better, you do better;

Experience is the best Teacher!!

Ms. Rama Sharma, an educationist truly believes that education is the only possibility that can create human beings with goodness that arises out of harmony between mind and heart, where there is craving to learn and grow with objectivity, and an urge to seek a balanced and contended life. Children if educated well can transform the society into a desirable abode.

Education is an inward journey which manifests itself in the world outside. It reaches its destination only when one builds an insight where there is no memory, no remembrance, no conclusion, no anticipation and no reaction.”

With this vision at its core, Ms.Rama Sharma has served as an educator for the past 20 years in several roles starting from that of a Teacher, guide and Principal. Her passion for School and her love for children got her to work “with” children and not just “for” them.