About Garima Vidya Vihar Sr. Sec. School

About Our School

GVV School comes under the top CBSE schools in Indore. In your child’s “learning journey,” we at GVV are dedicated to being a friend, philosopher, and mentor by offering education that leads to excellence, which in turn prepares the way for empowerment


Garima Vidya Vihar

We provide learning opportunities that help your kid develop holistically, foster a culture of positivity, intellect, and innovation, and promote the joy of learning via Cooperation, Collaboration, Experiential Learning and Competency Based Education.

Our highly competent, experienced and well-versed facilitators, under the expert leadership of our Educational Leaders, Our Director Mr. Santosh Bagora & Principal Ms. Rama Sharma, inspires knowledge, learning, and personal growth in our students. It is the best CBSE School in Indore that helps your child’s talent to prosper.
Our goal is to provide kids with the life skills, emotional intelligence, and moral foundation they need to succeed in the future. It is our endeavor to develop responsible young ‘global citizens’. We also strive to be the best schools in Indore with an affordable fees structure.

CBSE Affiliation Code

The Board has provided CBSE affiliation to the GVV School, which is controlled by the government as per the By-laws of the Board.

-The GVV School (GARIMA VIDYA VIHAR SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL) is a CBSE-affiliated school in Indore since 2007.
-The GVV School is provided with CBSE affiliation code: 1030329.
-The GVV School’s School Code: 50297.
-The GVV School Affiliation Status: 2022 to 2027

The By-laws include many standard features, which have to be satisfied by the institutions that are affiliated with the Board, which are as follows:

Infrastructure facilities: We fulfill CBSE & the Government norms needed for infrastructural requirements.

General features that we maintain in our GVV School:

-Proper Office Maintenance; Proper Maintenance of Admission and Withdrawal Registers.
-Excellent Maintenance of Service Records of the Faculties with Proper Appointment Procedures, Pay Scales, and different allowances.

Quality of Education

• The GVV School follows the By-laws of the Board in implementing the Competency Based Education System as per NEP - 2020 with proper maintenance of the records of Internal Assessments and academic.

• The average result of the school for the last three years is as per the prescribed Board’s average for X and XII Board Examinations.



The Establishment year of GVV was 2007, run by the Society “Garima Vidya Vihar Shiksha Avam Samaj Sewa Sanstha”.

The GVV School was founded by our Honourable Director Mr. Santosh Bagora as an option for providing quality education at an affordable fee structure. It comes under the list of the best CBSE School in Indore. It is also the best school for girls in Indore with a noble cause that every student deserves to be educated in a safe environment.

The core values of love for our culture & country, kindness, cooperation, respect for others & moral ethics for character building are the foundation of our GVV School

GVV focuses on providing all resources required for the holistic development of the students, enhancing child’s cognitive and psychomotor skills through empirical Teaching-Learning objectives with 100% outcomes making it the Best CBSE School in Indore.

We are delighted to share with you our 17 successful years of teaching and learning. Here, “We focus on establishing character together with careers”. The school’s resources have also been significantly increased to give all students access to quality education. Our property has undergone significant investment over the past six years, yet the campus’s basic simplicity has not been altered. We established The Little Garimayans for blooming buds in 2009.

Additionally, we pledge to deliver much more sophisticated facilities in the upcoming years that are required for developing young minds into intellectual ones. Also in coming years, we promise to provide much more advanced facilities needed for growing developing minds into intellectual ones!

Mission Statement

The Garima School is, first and foremost, a family. Teachers enthusiastically support and guide students to become confident person and passionate learners with the core values of kindness, cooperation, and respect.

The inclusion of rigorous academics, co-curricular activities, critical thinking, creativity, and daily assignments enriches both mind and heart. In this way, students are empowered to be their best.

Vision Statement

“To Create better human-being with ethical behavior & enrich them with Indian values, respect for others, cooperation & love for their parents.”

The Garima School seeks to inspire confidence, passion, and a love of learning in every child.

Our school focuses on skills and imparts knowledge that is Competency-Based through Experiential Learning to prepare students to take up future challenges.