Annual Report

Annual Report

2021 X: 100 XII: 100 2022 X: 96.94 XII: 91.72 2023 X: 92.34 XII: 73.17

We are delighted to present the Annual Report for Garima Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School for the academic session 2022-23. This report highlights our school's achievements, academic results, extracurricular activities, and noteworthy accomplishments of our students.


We are proud to announce that the academic session 2022-23 witnessed exceptional results. Both the 10th and 12th-grade board examination results stood at an impressive 93% of grade X and 74 % of grade XII . The dedication and hard work of our students, along with the guidance of our dedicated faculty, have once again led to these outstanding achievements.

Here is the list of Achievers of Grade XII:


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Here is the list of Achievers of Grade X:


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Overall School Performance: The overall performance of our school was remarkable, achieving a 100 percent pass rate across all the non-board classes. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to academic excellence and the collaborative efforts of our teachers, students, and parents.
The academic session 2022-23 has been a remarkable journey for Garima Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School. Our students have excelled not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities, sports, and exhibitions, showcasing their well-rounded development. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated staff, supportive parents, and the entire school community for their relentless efforts in making these achievements possible.
We look forward to another year of growth, learning, and success.

EXHIBITION HIGHLIGHTS: The academic year saw the organization of two significant exhibitions that showcased the diverse talents of our students.
Science Exhibition: Grades 9th to 12th participated in a Science Exhibition, where students presented a wide array of working and non-working models. This event not only encouraged scientific inquiry but also fostered creativity and innovation among our students.
Literature Games Exhibition: In an effort to promote literary skills and creativity, grades 1 and 2 organized a Literature Games non-working model Exhibition. This event allowed our youngest learners to showcase their imagination and linguistic abilities.

YOGA AND SPORTS ACHIEVEMENTS: Our students proved their mettle not only in academics but also in various sports and physical activities. Yoga Champions: The Garimayans, our school's Yog champions, secured Gold and Silver Medals in the SGFI Yog Sports Championship-2022 organized by the Indore Corporation of Yogasanas Sports Association. Their dedication and discipline brought honor to our school.
National Level Achievement: Master Vinay Yadav of grade IX brought laurels to the school by securing the 1st position Gold Medal in shot put throw in the under-14 category at the CBSE Cluster-12 competition. He not only made history by bringing the first-ever Gold Medal for Madhya Pradesh in Shot Put but also showcased the spirit of determination and sportsmanship.

Wrestling Excellence: Young wrestler Master Jayveer Singh Thakur clinched the Gold Medal in the State Wrestling Championship-2022 M.P. His exceptional achievement was acknowledged by none other than the Honourable Home Minister of M.P., Mr. Narottam Mishra's son, Mr. Shukran Mishra.


The annual sports day celebration at Garima Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School is a momentous event that combines athleticism, team spirit, and a sense of unity among students and faculty. This year, the event was made even more special with the esteemed presence of Mr. Mir Ranjan Negi, a legendary figure in Indian field hockey and a former goalkeeper of the Indian Men's National Field Hockey Team. His contribution to the sport is etched in history and has been immortalized in the iconic movie, 'Chak De India'.
The day began with an aura of excitement as the entire school gathered on the sprawling sports field, beautifully decorated with banners and the national flag. The chief guest, Mr. Negi, was given a warm welcome by the school's principal and students, who expressed their admiration for his dedication and achievements.
The event commenced with a spectacular march past by the school's various houses, each displaying remarkable discipline and coordination. The students participated in a diverse range of sports and athletic competitions, including track and field events, relay races, and team sports like hockey and football. The atmosphere was electric as students competed passionately, demonstrating their skills and sportsmanship.
Mr. Negi's presence added a layer of inspiration to the event. His words of encouragement and wisdom during his address motivated the young athletes to strive for excellence in their chosen fields, both in sports and in life. His journey, as depicted in 'Chak De India', served as a reminder of the power of determination and perseverance. The climax of the day was the award ceremony, where students who excelled in their respective events were recognized and applauded. Mr. Negi handed out trophies and medals to the winners, leaving them with a memory they will cherish forever.
The annual sports day celebration at Garima Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School, with Mr. Mir Ranjan Negi as the chief guest, not only celebrated the spirit of sportsmanship but also instilled in the students the values of dedication, teamwork, and the belief that with hard work and determination, they can achieve greatness, just like their illustrious guest.


Van Mahotsav at GVV School is a vibrant celebration dedicated to nurturing the environment and instilling a deep sense of responsibility towards nature among its students. One of the highlights of this event is the annual Plantation Drive, where students actively participate in planting saplings within the school's lush campus.
A distinctive and heartwarming tradition at GVV School is that students are encouraged to plant a sapling on their birthdays, fostering a personal connection between the students and the greenery they nurture. This practice not only symbolizes their growth but also their commitment to environmental stewardship.
Furthermore, during Van Mahotsav, the school extends its commitment to the environment by gifting saplings, plants, and succulents to the honorable guests who are invited to the school. This thoughtful gesture not only showcases the school's dedication to green initiatives but also serves as a symbol of respect and gratitude towards these esteemed individuals.
The combination of the Plantation Drive, birthday sapling tradition, and gifting of plants to dignitaries during Van Mahotsav at GVV School reflects a holistic approach to environmental conservation, inspiring students to appreciate and protect nature while also fostering a sense of community and respect for those who support these vital initiatives.


GVV School conducts an enlightening Cyber Security Workshop for students, featuring the distinguished IPS officer Mr. Varun Kapoor, the Additional Director General of Police, M.P., to impart crucial online safety skills.


The Annual Function Celebration at GVV, with the theme 'Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat,' was a spectacular event that celebrated India's rich cultural diversity and patriotism. The event was graced by two honorable chief guests, Mr. O.P. Tripathy, Commandant of the 1st Battalion, and Mr. Abhijeet Singh Rathore, the Government Prosecutor (District Public Prosecutor).

The evening was a vibrant display of India's cultural mosaic. Folk dances from various Indian states brought the audience on a colorful journey across the nation, showcasing the traditions, music, and vibrant costumes of each region. The performances not only entertained but also educated everyone about the country's cultural heritage. The event also paid tribute to the Indian Armed Forces through an Army Act performance, highlighting the bravery and dedication of our soldiers. Students took the stage for an orchestra performance, demonstrating their musical talents and teamwork.
Adding to the excitement, the Garimayans showcased their strength and agility through an Akhada performance, demonstrating traditional Indian wrestling techniques.
The Annual Function Celebration with the theme 'Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat' at GVV was a magnificent tribute to India's unity in diversity. It not only celebrated the nation's cultural richness but also honored the commitment and valor of our armed forces while showcasing the talents and spirit of the school's students.


Garima Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School hosted Sahodaya Inter-School Folk Dance Competition - Cluster – IV at Garima Vidya Vihar Campus. It was a vibrant and culturally enriching event that brought together 21 schools from the region. This competition served as a platform for schools to showcase their students' talent, creativity, and cultural diversity through the medium of folk dance.

Key Highlights: Cultural Diversity: The competition celebrated the rich tapestry of India's cultural heritage. Each school presented a unique folk dance performance, representing the diverse cultures, traditions, and rituals from various regions of the country.

Talent Showcase: The event provided a platform for young, talented dancers to exhibit their skills in folk dance forms such as Bhangra, Kathak, Garba, Dandiya, Bihu, and more. Participants demonstrated their proficiency in intricate dance steps, authentic costumes, and traditional music.

Judging Panel: A panel of experienced judges, comprising renowned experts in the field of dance and culture, was responsible for evaluating the performances. They assessed criteria like choreography, synchronization, authenticity, and overall presentation.

Audience Engagement: The event attracted a diverse audience, including teachers, and students from the participating schools. The enthusiastic crowd added to the vibrant atmosphere with their cheers and applause.
Cultural Exchange: The competition encouraged cultural exchange and learning as students had the opportunity to watch and appreciate the folk dances of different regions. This helped in fostering a sense of unity in diversity.
Prizes and Recognition: The competition recognized outstanding performances with trophies, certificates, and awards. These accolades served to motivate and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the participants.
Networking Opportunity: Schools and participants had the chance to interact and establish connections with peers from other institutions. This networking promoted a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration among the schools.
Memorable Experience: Overall, the GVV hosted Sahodaya Inter-School Folk Dance Competition - Cluster - IV was a memorable event that celebrated the beauty of India's folk traditions and showcased the immense talent of young dancers. It left a lasting impact on the participants and the audience, promoting cultural appreciation and unity among schools in Cluster IV.


The Garima Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School organized a series of educational visits and outings to historical places and landmarks in Indore, providing its students with enriching experiences that combined history, culture, and learning. Here's a description of these excursions:

Rajwada Fort Visit: The students embarked on a journey through time as they visited the majestic Rajwada Fort, a symbol of the rich Maratha heritage of Indore.
They explored the intricately designed architecture, historical artifacts, and royal chambers within the fort. Knowledgeable guides provided insights into the history and significance of the fort, connecting students to their city's heritage.

Lal Bagh Palace Exploration: Another historical gem, the Lal Bagh Palace, welcomed the students to its opulent premises.
The outing included a guided tour of the palace's exquisite rooms, gardens, and the royal collection of art and artifacts. Students had the chance to appreciate the grandeur of the Holkar dynasty and gain insights into the lifestyle of royalty in the past.

Outing to Mahakal Corridor: The Mahakal Corridor outing was a spiritual and cultural experience, allowing students to visit the revered Mahakaleshwar Temple.
They witnessed the stunning architecture of the corridor, which connects various temples in the vicinity.
The visit also provided an opportunity for students to understand the religious significance and rituals associated with the temple.

Educational Excursion to the Museum: The educational excursion to the museum was a journey into the world of art, history, and science.
Students explored the diverse exhibits, including ancient artifacts, scientific displays, and art collections.
This visit fostered a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the cultural and scientific heritage of the region.

Post Office Visit: The trip to the post office was a unique and educational experience that allowed students to learn about the postal system, its history, and its role in communication.
They had the chance to witness how mail is sorted, processed, and delivered, gaining insights into the functioning of a vital public service.

Zoo Visit: The visit to the local zoo was a delightful and educational outing, where students could observe a wide variety of wildlife.
They learned about different species, their habitats, and conservation efforts.
The zoo trip also emphasized the importance of biodiversity and animal welfare.
These visits and outings organized by Garima Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School not only provided students with memorable experiences but also enhanced their knowledge about the history, culture, and heritage of Indore. Such educational excursions play a crucial role in broadening students' horizons and connecting classroom learning to real-life experiences.


Garima Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School enthusiastically celebrated Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, commemorating India's 75th year of independence, through a series of engaging fortnight programs. These activities were aimed at instilling a deep sense of patriotism and celebrating the spirit of freedom among its students and staff.

In addition to the school's internal celebrations, Garima Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School actively participated in the "Har Ghar Tiranga Rally," a grand initiative organized by the Honorable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan. This rally aimed to unite communities in displaying the national flag with pride in every household, symbolizing the collective commitment to the country's progress and unity.

The school's involvement in this rally showcased its dedication to promoting patriotic values and actively contributing to the nationwide celebration of India's 75th Independence Day. It was a meaningful way to engage with the larger community and strengthen the bond between the school and the state's leadership, emphasizing the importance of unity and national pride in the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations.