Science Exhibition: GVV provides a platform that encourages the students to showcase their scientific knowledge and creativity. Students conduct experiments or create scientific projects & working models which are then displayed and judged. Winners are selected & felicitated on the basis of the quality of their research, presentation, and overall scientific understanding.

Debate: GVV organizes competitions that allows students to engage in structured arguments on a given topic. Students form teams and present arguments and counterarguments in a formal debate format. Winners are felicitated & determined on the basis of their ability to present compelling arguments, use evidence effectively, and engage in respectful and persuasive communication.

Sports Tournaments: Various sports tournaments are organized and students are prepared to participate in SGFI & CBSE Cluster Competition for District, State, National & International level, such as handball, throw ball, shot put, volleyball, yoga, karate, kudo organized not only in the school but also inter-school. Students form teams and compete against each other in a competitive and organized manner.

Art & Craft and Music Competitions: Students with artistic talents are encouraged to participate in competitions that focus on art & craft, music, or other forms of creative expressions. These competitions may involve showcasing artwork, performing musical pieces, or demonstrating other artistic skills.

Quiz Bowl: An Open Quiz competition is organized where students answer questions on a wide range of topics, including history, science, literature, and current events. Students compete to answer questions quickly and accurately, and students giving the right answer are felicitated.

Speech and Oratory Competitions: Students participate in speech or oratory competitions, where they deliver prepared or impromptu speeches on a given topic. These competitions focus on public speaking skills, including articulation, voice modulation, and persuasive communication.

These are just a few examples of the competitions that take place at GVV. Competitions provide students with opportunities to showcase their skills, knowledge, and talents while fostering healthy competition and a sense of achievement. It also promotes teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills among students.