Dance, music, and theatre activities are an integral part of the GVV curriculum and is included as co-curricular, subject-enrichment & art-integrated activities.

Dance activities at GVV include learning different styles of dance such as Indian Classical dance forms & Western dance forms and practicing choreography for performances. Students also participate in dance competitions, cultural events, workshops, and performances.

Music activities at GVV include learning to play instruments such as guitar, piano, drums, or octapad and practicing vocal techniques for singing.

GVV has its own Musical ensemble of Garimayan students. Students also participate in choir, band, or orchestra, and perform at school events or concerts, inter-house/interschool competitions.

Theatre activities at GVV include learning acting techniques, script analysis, and stagecraft. Students participate in school plays, drama clubs, and workshops. They also learn about behind-the-scenes roles such as directing, costume design, and set construction.

Overall, these activities assist students develop creativity, confidence, and teamwork skills, as well as fostering an appreciation for the arts.