Features & Amenities


Independence Day & Republic Day celebrations at GVV are vibrant and patriotic events that commemorate the freedom and sovereignty of the nation. Here is a description of how Garimayans celebrate it:

1. Flag hoisting: The day usually begins with the school assembly, where our National Flag is hoisted by the Board of Directors, Principal and special guest. The entire school gathers around the flagpole, and the flag is raised amidst the singing of the National Anthem.

2. Cultural program: After the flag hoisting ceremony, a cultural program takes place. Students showcase their talents through various performances that celebrate the country's rich heritage and diverse culture. These performances often include patriotic songs, dance performances, skits, and recitations of famous patriotic poems or speeches.

3. Speeches and presentations: Garimayans are given the opportunity to deliver speeches on the importance of the Day, the sacrifices made by freedom fighters, and the significance of freedom and democracy. They may also present informative slideshows or audiovisual presentations to educate their peers about the history and struggles of the independence movement.

4. Decorations: The entire GVV premises is adorned with decorations in the national colors of the country. Flags, buntings, and posters with messages of patriotism and unity are put up in classrooms, corridors, and the school grounds that are made by the Garimayans. The entire campus radiates a festive and patriotic atmosphere.

5. Patriotic contests: To promote active participation, GVV often organizes patriotic contests like essay writing, drawing, painting, and quiz competitions. These activities encourage students to express their creativity and knowledge while reinforcing the values associated with Independence Day.

6. Community service: GVV also incorporates community service activities as part of their Independence & Republic Day celebration. Garimayans participate in initiatives such as cleanliness drives, tree planting, or visiting local organizations to support the underprivileged, thus instilling a sense of social responsibility.

Overall, Independence Day celebrations at GVV aims to foster a deep sense of patriotism, pride, and gratitude towards the nation. It provides an opportunity for students to understand and appreciate the sacrifices made by their forefathers and encourages them to become responsible citizens who contribute positively to their country's growth and development.