Recreational Activities

Recreational activities provided by GVV includes a wide variety of activities that help students relax and enjoy themselves outside of their academic work. These are as follows:

1. Sports: GVV has sports teams that compete against other schools in a variety of sports, including Athletics, Cricket, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, and more. These activities help students stay active, build teamwork skills, and foster a sense of school spirit.

2. Clubs: GVV has clubs for students with common interests, such as music, drama, or debate, tourism, environmental & cultural engagement etc. These groups provide opportunities for students to socialize and pursue their hobbies or interests.

3. Arts and Crafts: GVV offers lectures that focus on art or crafts, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, or sewing. These activities can be therapeutic and allow students to express their creativity that adds on to their skills as a part of Skill Education.

4. Outdoor activities: Depending on the school's location, outdoor activities include Educational Field Trips, Tours & picnics. These activities can help students connect with nature, surroundings, nation and learn new skills.

5. Gaming: Gaming at GVV provides a fun way for students to bond over shared interests and engage in healthy competition. Board games, mind games, and other types of games are included.

6. Cultural and educational events: GVV organizes & hosts events such as Cultural Fairs/Celebrations & Science & Art & Craft Exhibitions, which allow students to learn about different cultures or explore Science and Art in a fun and engaging way.

Overall, the goal of recreational activities at GVV is to help students find a balance between academic work and leisure time. By offering a variety of activities, GVV creates a well-rounded educational experience for their students.