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GVV SCHOOL STUDENTS' COUNCIL ELECTION is a process by which students of the school vote to elect representatives who will serve as their voice and advocate for their interests and concerns. The election takes place at the beginning of each academic year, and candidates are required to campaign by presenting their platforms to the student body.

The process typically involves the following steps:

1. Nominations: Students who wish to run for a position on the student council firstly be nominated by their peers or by themselves.

2. Campaigning: Candidates are required to campaign/conduct canvassing by creating posters, delivering speeches, and participating in debates to persuade their fellow students to vote for them.

3. Voting: Once the campaigning period is over, students are given an opportunity to cast their vote. This is typically done through a ballot box in a Democratic way.

4. Announcement of Results: The votes are counted, and the winners of the election are announced. The newly elected council members are then sworn in by organizing Oath Ceremony and begin their term of office.

The GVV School Students’ Council comprises of the following posts:

1. Head Boy
2. Head Girl
3. Discipline Captain
4. Discipline Vice-Captain
5. Sports Captain
6. Sports Vice-Captain
7. Cultural Secretary
8. Cultural Joint Secretary
9. Arts Club Secretary
10. Arts Club Joint Secretary
11. Environmental Club Secretary
12. Environmental Club Joint Secretary
13. Tourism Club Secretary
14. Tourism Club Joint Secretary