Features & Amenities


Visiting and outings are important parts of a GVV's curriculum that offer students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom and gain practical experience.

Field Trips: GVV often organizes field trips to museums, historical sites, zoos, or other educational venues to supplement classroom learning. Field trips provide students with hands-on learning experiences that enhance their understanding of a particular subject. They also help students develop social skills and encourage teamwork.

1. Educational Tours: Educational tours are longer trips that provide students with an immersive learning experience. These tours are organized for specific subjects or topics, such as history, science, or geography, and can include visits to different parts of the country or even international destinations.

2. Community Service: GVV also organizes community service activities that allow students to give back to their communities while learning valuable skills. These activities include visiting Goshaala, Old-Age Homes & Orphanages & providing them assistance, or other Non-Profit Organizations.

Overall, visiting and outings are important parts of a school's curriculum that offer Garimayans a chance to learn in different environments, develop their skills and interests, and build relationships with peers and teachers. GVV organizes different types of visits and outings depending on the age and interests of the students, the curriculum, and the available resources.