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Celebration of World Environment Day, World Nature Conservation Day & Van Mahotsav in GVV are important events that promotes awareness and action towards protecting the environment. Here is a brief description of how Garimayans celebrate these: Education and Awareness: GVV organizes special sessions or workshops to educate students about the importance of protecting the environment and the steps they can take to do so for example – ‘MISSION GARIMA- SAY NO TO PLASTICS’. These sessions cover topics such as climatic changes, pollution, conservation, and sustainable development. Clean-up Drive: GVV organizes a clean-up drive within the school premises & in the surrounding areas to promote cleanliness and waste reduction. Students are encouraged to collect litter, segregate waste, and participate in recycling initiatives like making bottle bricks, presenting street plays etc. Planting Trees: Planting trees and participating in Plantation Drive is an important activity at GVV that helps mitigate the effects of climatic changes and promote biodiversity. Every year GVV organizes a tree-planting activity within the school premises or in nearby areas to observe World Environment Day, World Nature Conservation Day & Van Mahotsav. Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competitions: GVV organizes competitions such as poster making or slogan writing to encourage students to express their ideas about protecting the environment in creative ways. This helps Garimayans develop a better understanding of the issues related to the environment and motivate them to take action. Eco-Friendly Activities: GVV has its Eco-Club & it organizes eco-friendly activities such as making compost, creating organic gardens, or using renewable energy sources, planting a sapling by each and every Garimayan in the school campus on their Birthday. These activities help students understand the importance of sustainable living and reduce their carbon footprint. Overall, celebrating World Environment Day, World Nature Conservation Day & Van Mahotsav in GVV helps raise awareness about environmental issues and promote action towards protecting the planet by becoming the ‘Defenders of the Earth’. The activities and events organized by the school inspires students to make positive changes in their lives and communities to ensure a sustainable future for all.